Track stabilisation

Track stabilisation

When talking about track stabilisation, it should be noted that the concept offered by D. GUTZWILLER means that the bearing capacity can be increased by incorporating asphalt binders.

To obtain optimum quality, stabilised tracks are normally covered with a protection layer (two-component paying layer, bituminous coating, etc…) unless a binder additive (e.g. GLORIT) is used.

D.GUTZWILLER also sells these additives, so that the mechanical characteristics of the binder used to consolidate the soil can be improved, e.g. GLORIT.

Implemented in this way, the stabilisation is rendered elastic and resistant to freezing and thawing.

For track making, soil stabilisation technology is used (see the soil stabilisation tab).

This technique means use of a geotextile is not necessary and that savings can be made in the prior laying of the broken stone layer. The layer treated with the binder ensures the necessary track load bearing is attained, then a broken stone layer of 5 to 10 cm is necessary to ensure optimum wear resistance of the traffic lane.