Our equipment

Our equipment

By D.Gutzwiller


D.GUTZWILLER offers innovative equipment.

Tractor-towed equipment for recycling earth and materials, soil processing and stabilisation, as well as a unique roadway creation and repair concept.

Several machines have been designed by technicians and marketed under the brand, subject to continuous development in order to fulfil user expectations.

Our solutions

Vibrating compaction plate
Single laser- and/or GPS-guided grading blade
Soil mixer
Forestry tree dozer
Stone crusher

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The company “D.GUTZWILLER SAS” is the founding company of the “GUTZWILLER-GROUP”, an independent group of companies belonging to the GUTZWILLER family

The group is based in Lucelle in the French Haut-Rhin department (department number 68). It employs 15 people, its production is primarily concerned with precision levelling equipment, pavement compacting, track repair, soil stabilisation, but it is also specialised in the reselling of stone removal and tree shredding machinery.



Customer testimonial

Discover our road maintenance and repair kit consisting of our LNG360 grader and GPH75-3DTR vibrating plate. Forst & Technik magazine visited our client Firma Meier

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