Soil stabilisation

Soil stabilisation

The technique of soil treatment using towed tools provided by D. GUTZWILLER has been used for numerous years on large sites (foundations, railways, road, etc…).

This system permits the in-situ recycling of existing material. It is no longer necessary to move the material.

Soil treatment with binders is one of the main areas of use of our equipment (chisel, binder spreader and mixer-stabiliser).

Soil stabilisation using lime (or other binders) is a known technique for compacting and improving soils. Hence even a moist soil can be treated, consolidated and made passable. The conditioned layer will be permeable, support heavy loads and be resistant to considerable temperature variations.

The main applications are:

  • Miscellaneous bases (roads and motorways, runways, car parks…)
  • Secondary roads and tracks
  • Excavation and filling work


D. GUTZWILLER offers a large range of materials which will ensure you are completely satisfied with your construction work:

  • Non-stop chisels for preparation for soil treatment and stabilisation where foreign bodies are present
  • Ultra-precise binder spreader of capacity 3 to 20 m3
  • Mixer working at a depth of 0 to 50 cm
  • Grading blades (with or without laser guidance)
  • Tank with injector for incorporation of water, or with boom for surface spreading of water.

Our company likewise sells completely reconditioned second-hand equipment.