Track repair

Track repair

We develop machinery and concepts so that you can make or repair tracks for less by using economical techniques that allow you to recycle materials already on site.

In this way track repair by recycling offers a reliable and efficient solution that also helps to protect the environment.

The implementation of these concepts is undertaken according to the sate of the tracks to be reconditioned:

Variant 1:
Decompaction over 7 to 15 cm to ensure large stones come to the surface, followed by crushing to 5 to 10 cm to obtain the required grading. The track is next levelled in order to profile the traffic lane, then compacted with our vibrating pates which automatically follow the track profile.

Variant 2:
Immediate crushing or milling, following by adjustment and compacting.

Variant 3:
Decompaction, crushing, followed by incorporation of asphalt binders to increase the resistance to the traffic to be supported and limit track erosion.

Variant 4:
Levelling followed by compacting using a vibrating plate (preventative solution for maintenance of traffic lanes).
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